Welcome to the Big Time with Earnie Shavers

ShaversEarnie Shavers, recently honored by the International Boxing Association as Puncher of the Century. But it’s Shavers’ life story that really packs a wallop as the anvil-fisted pugilist pulls no punches in his autobiography, Earnie Shavers: Welcome to the Big Time. Shavers takes readers through the amazing journey of his life, starting in the segregated Deep South when the Ku Klux Klan drove him and his family from their Alabama home. After his family relocated to Ohio, Shavers excelled in high school athletics. Unfortunately, he became friends with hoodlums and appeared headed for a life of crime until a chance encounter led him to the boxing ring. Shavers eventually established himself as a knockout sensation and squared off with other legendary heavyweights like Muhammad Ali, Larry Holmes, and Ken Norton. Shavers tells readers of his easy-come, easy-go fortune, his six marriages, and his conversion to Christianity. Earnie Shavers: Welcome to the Big Time will provide hours of entertainment for boxing fans and sports fans alike.


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What the critics are saying about this book

“Former heavyweight contender Earnie Shavers pulls no punches in this tell-all autobiography.”
ESPN - The Magazine


“The quick review:  it’s a terrific read.  Any boxing fan will love all the inside dirt Shavers dishes out about the way the boxing business works… You won’t need Evelyn Wood to find yourself at the end of the book before you know it.”


“For anyone who enjoyed Shavers or just watching his in the ring, the memories in this book should be worth the time to look into.”
The (Warren) Vindicator


“The book pulls no punches in Shavers’ descriptions of the fight game, his failures as a husband and is early preoccupation with those on the wrong side of the law.”
Fight News.com


“His autobiography may not knock you out, but its clarity and honesty will stun you.  This 245-page hardcover book is a refreshing surprise.  He simply tells his story, and it is a good one.”
Los Angeles Times


“Welcome to the Big Time is an absorbing and informative work that should satisfy most readers.”
Boxing Monthly