“Marshall Terrill comes to the table with expertise that is invaluable to any project whether it is sports, music, pop culture or the Beatles. His work on my book was so above and beyond the call of an editor. His skill of writing proved to be essential but his knowledge proved to be vital to the whole of the project. His steady input on every level of the process helped me to become a better writer. Marshall has this way of boosting you to do your best. He has patience, integrity and the compassion of a teacher. He will be by my side on every project I undertake from this point into the future. I can’t imagine writing without his help. Marshall, you are a treasure. Thank you.”
Nancy Lee Andrews, author of A Dose of Rock 'n' Roll (Dalton Watson, 2008)


“Marshall Terrill is an editing machine and author extraordinaire!  More than that, he is the perfect partner for seeing young and old authors alike through a process that can be both surprisingly painful and exhilarating at the same time.  His long list of published accomplishments and the road those experiences has taken him down has prepared him to guide projects of various literary formats to a satisfactory end.  In my case Marshall was crucial to the success of my latest book.  I needed a historian, an editor, a confidante, an encourager, a coach and a skilled hand to guide me through a very complicated treatise.  Be prepared to be stretched and taken beyond your own perceived potential – because with Marshall it is always five more pushups and fewer dangling participles.”
Ken Mansfield, author of The White Book (2007), Between Wyomings (2009) and Stumbling On Open Ground (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2013)


“I have spent six years researching and writing my first book and triumphantly proclaimed that it was ready for publishing. Marshall Terrill took a look and offered to help me with editing. Why would it need editing? As I knew Marshall was a Beatles’ fan, I thought it would be good to have the opinion of a fan who was also a talented author. Nearly six months later, Marshall has spent hours on my book, and thank God he has. What I thought was ready for publishing was nowhere near good enough. The book would have fallen flat on its face. It would have been the beginning and end of my publishing career.”
David Bedford, author of Liddypool - Birthplace of The Beatles (Dalton Watson Fine Books, 2008)


“Marshall Terrill is my ‘little brother,’ my baby-sitter, my mouthpiece and a true friend.  My beautiful book would not have happened without him.  Thanks a million!”
Barbara McQueen, author of Steve McQueen: The Last Mile, (Dalton Watson, 2006)


“Being a first time author and knowing little about the writing process, having Marshal Terrill on my team was a godsend.  Not only did he mentor me through every step of my book, Once They Were Angels, but he helped get it published as well. Marshall is not only an accomplished writer and editor but a gifted teacher who sincerely cares that both you and your book succeeds. For the seasoned pro or the scared rookie like I was, consider yourself lucky if you have Marshall on your team. Before I met him I only had a dream of becoming a published author…Now, because of him, I am one.”
Robert Goldman, author Once They Were Angels, A History of the Team (Sports Publishing, 2006)


“Marshall Terrill is one of the most dependable persons I’ve ever met.  He will respond immediately to any emails or phone calls that come his way.  We’ve been associated with each other since the year 2001 when we began the adventure of putting together our book Sergeant Presley. His writing skills continue to amaze me.  The insights he comes up with are truly awesome and inspired. I consider it an honor that we are now working on another book together which we hope to get published in mid 2008. Marshall and I, along with our wives, have become lifetime friends.  I have a son Marshall’s age and Marshall has become like a second son to me.  There is only one Marshall Terrill.  God threw away the mold when He made Marshall.  In my book he is the greatest both as a friend and as a professional.”
Rex Mansfield, author of Sergeant Presley (ECW Press, 2002)


“I met Marshall when he approached me to write a book about Elvis Presley.  Once I met him, and after having read his book Steve McQueen: Portrait of An American Rebel, I knew I had to meet Marshall.  Once we met and talked-that was it.  I loved his writing and loved him from day one-it was a done deal.  We started working on our book which became a much bigger project then what we first had planned.  Marshall helped tell my story. I’d never written about my past; and am not a writer, but with Marshall I felt safe to tell my story.  My story would never have been told, if not for Marshall. Our book has received some wonderful reviews on Amazon.com which, to me, is more important than having it be a financial success.  I’m grateful that Marshall saw something in me that gave him the drive to help me tell my story. I am one of Marshall’s BIGGEST fans!”
Barbara Leigh, author of The King, McQueen and the Love Machine (Xlibris, 2002)


“Marshall has the tenacity of a bulldog and yet possesses true grace when dealing with constructive criticism.  Without his assistance, I would have been very reluctant to present my book to a publisher or anyone else. In my case, it was an added bonus that Marshall is a sports fan and could relate to the manner in which I attempted to describe a game or an event. I was most impressed with the fact that he was constant from start to finish with his corrections.  He went above and beyond the call of duty for my book, which is about 400 pages. Thanks Marshall for all that you have done for me and my book.”
Bob Remy, author of This Date in Louisiana Sports (2009)