Sergeant Presley with Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield

SergeantPresleyElvis Presley’s army years are often considered the “lost years” because so little is known about them. Elvis’s fellow soldier and friend, Rex Mansfield, along with his wife, Elisabeth—with whom Elvis was once romantically linked—reveal a fascinating portrait of young Elvis the soldier. Tales of Elvis and Rex’s induction in Memphis, basic training in Texas, and travels to Germany are recounted, and stories of the genesis of Elvis’s addiction to prescription drugs, his initial meeting with Priscilla Beaulieu, and his daily life on base and in the homes he rented in Texas and Germany are revealed. Included in Sergeant Presley are many previously unpublished photographs from this important time in Elvis’s life.


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What the critics are saying about this book

“While many remembrances of Elvis will focus on his public life, a couple in Tennessee have private visions of a man who interrupted his exploding career to serve his country. Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield were with Elvis for much of the two years he spent in the Army, one of the least known periods of the ultimate rock star’s life.”
The Arizona Republic


“Fair and honest account of Elvis’ two “missing” years as a U.S. Soldier.  Sometimes amusing, sometimes disturbing, almost always fascinating.”
Elvis in Print


“The book brings readers close to the “real” Elvis – the complex child within the man who craved acceptance and attention and often gave so much of himself that it left him empty.”
Martin Weekly County News


“The Mansfields are semi-legendary among Elvis fans:  Elisabeth broke away from Presley to marry Rex after a secret whirlwind romance.”
The Miami Herald


“For Elvis fans, this book is a must.”


“Rex Mansfield was a friend and fellow soldier; Elisabeth Stefaniak a former secretary and Elvis girlfriend.  The Mansfields give their take on the drugs, Priscilla Presley, life on an Army base in Germany and some previously unpublished photos.”
Reno Gazette Journal


“In a fascinating book called Sergeant Presley, written with Marshall and Zoe Terrill, Rex and Elisabeth talk about how difficult it was to break away from The King.  But they worked through it and have been married more than 40 years.”
Toronto Sun


“Sergeant Presley is the fascinating tale of Elvis Presley’s two years in the army, told by Rex and Elisabeth Mansfield.  The book’s soul is the growing romance between Mansfield and a young girl infatuated with Presley.  The chatty, easy-to-read book is really their love story, no small feat given the giant shadow that Presley casts even 25 years after his death.”
Stars and Stripes