Maravich with Wayne Federman

MaravichGaining access to personal letters, albums and scrapbooks, plus spending hours with widow Jackie Maravich among some 300 interviews, has allowed the authors to craft the definitive biography of one of the most remarkable basketball stories in history. They reveal new facts and provide startling insight into ‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich, who lived a life of triumph and tragedy before finding happiness in religion in the years before his death at age 40.


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What the critics are saying about this book


“The definitive biography of Pistol Pete Maravich.”


“Spectacular. A great new book written by Wayne Federman and Marshall Terrill in collaboration with Jackie Maravich. An incredible read. Outstanding research on Pete Maravich and his life.”
Bill Walton, NBA Hall of Famer


“It’s essential for Maravich completists, especially for the reassessment of his pro career and for anecdotal feats of basketball wizardry, like his delivering on a boast to hit 100 jumpers from beyond 25 feet without missing two in a row.  It also contains the single most convincing statistical refutation of the charge that Maravich was a selfish gunner: in the NBA, when he scored more than 40 points, his team won 82 percent of its games, compared with Jordan’s 69 percent and Allen Iverson’s 68.”
The New York Times Book Review


“It examines Maravich’s life more comprehensively (better research, better detail, tons of pictures).”
ESPN The Magazine


“Some of the details of Maravich’s unlikely life – a tyrannical father; a suicidal mother; a conviction that the nation’s food producers, drug merchants, and doctors were all in league against us; and, of course, the aforementioned voice –  a novelist couldn’t invent without blushing, but that’s part of what makes this biography of one of basketball’s most brilliant and ill-fated stars so compelling.”
The Boston Globe


“Thanks to a sublime effort by authors Wayne Federman and Marshall Terrill, the story of “Pistol” Pete Maravich is offered up to a whole new generation of basketball fans.  It is, simply, the definitive work on one of the greatest players the sport has ever known. MARAVICH, published by Sport Classic Books, is a masterpiece.  It takes a near mythical figure and makes him real all over again, and in the process makes us care about the man whose talents were alternately – some would say simultaneously  – a gift and a curse.  It also explores the incredible relationship between Maravich and his father, Press.”
Celtic Nation