Going the Distance with Ken Norton

NortonThe 1970s ushered in boxing’s greatest class of heavyweight fighters. The fight game has never before or since seen such a talented and charismatic group. Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Larry Holmes, and Ken Norton have been hailed as Champions Forever, as the world heavyweight title was passed among them throughout the decade. On March 31, 1973, Norton broke Alis jaw in the process of winning a 12-round decision over The Greatest. Going the Distance will trace the incredible path of Norton’s life, from Jacksonville, Illinois, to Northeast Missouri State University, to the U.S. Marines, to his historic bout with Ali in San Diego, California, and on to his life today. The book includes exclusive personal photos from Norton’s collection, as well as a chronology of Norton’s 49 professional fights. Foreword by Joe Frazier.


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What the critics are saying about this book

“Written by Ken Norton in collaboration with best-selling author Marshall Terrill, Going the Distance chronicles Norton’s life from his rambunctious childhood roots, to the present day. Written in a simple, readable style, the book relies not only on the words of Norton but on the testimonials of friends, fighters, and family members to help paint a convincing detailed picture of a fighter, in and out of the ring.”
Slam! Sports


“Muhammad Ali has gone down as arguably the best boxer in history, but Ken Norton also had a storied career in the 1970s, and has written an excellent book called Going the Distance that both details his boxing career and his life.”
Vallejo Times-Herald


“This book is an honest telling of his life and should appeal to Norton’s fans and to large sports collectors.”
Library Journal


“The book on Norton: he took Ali to the max.”
San Diego Union-Tribune


“In his first book, which has a foreword by Joe Frazier, Norton presents a continuing thread of being given considerable natural gifts, becoming self-motivated through times of trial although confessing that he never fully used his talents, learning from his adversity and becoming stronger in his faith.”
The State Journal-Register


“Ken Norton was a major player in the golden age of heavyweight fighters in the 1970s and all the personalities of the sport at the time literally jump to life off the pages of the book.  There is never a dull moment or a slow spot, the book is absorbing all the way.
Boxing USA