Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business with Sonny West

SonnyWestElvis: Still Taking Care of Business is arguably the most authentic, no-holds-barred depiction of the greatest entertainer who ever lived. This is the book that the estate doesn’t want you to read—it’s a balanced, respectful, and insightful look by a true Presley insider and carter member of the infamous Memphis Mafia. Sonny West, Presley’s close friend and bodyguard for nearly two decades, provides a firsthand account to author Marshall Terrill of the King’s lavish spending sprees and many charitable acts, as well as the many affairs Presley conducted with his costars. Among all of Elvis Presley’s close associates, no one tells stories that are more entertaining than Sonny West—he can mesmerize audiences for hours with his Elvis tidbits.


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What the critics are saying about this book


“And though Sonny West is not shy about expressing strong opinions, Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business is largely a positive look back.”


“West and Terrill set the record straight on various claims… this volume may contain the best account of the night the Fab Four met the King… As we prepare to observe the 30th anniversary of Presley’s death on Aug. 16, West’s excellent book serves as an affirmation that regardless of the singer’s troubled life, he left behind an enduring legacy that will thrill and fascinate music fans for years to come.”
Shreveport Times


“West speaks so fondly of the legend it appears to be true love and not just mining for gold that drove him to pen the new book, Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business.”
Metro Spirit (Augusta, Ga.)


“Elvis: Still Taking Care of Business is an interesting and often provocative addition to the canon of Memphis Mafia literature.”
Memphis Commercial Appeal


“Writing with co-author Marshall Terrill, Sonny West allows the reader to see how the pressures of fame and drug use caused an ever-widening emotional distance between Presley, his family and his friends.”
The Tennessean